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Where to go and what to do in Miami? Miami is full of entertainment at night and all day long! Here you can find the best places in Miami such as clubs, restaurants, beaches, malls, shops, attractions, and much much more!


Miami roof club

Best Miami Clubs

Best Clubs in Miami: what is the Top Night Clubs to visit? Where are the best DJs, the sexiest girls, or the greatest cocktails? Or maybe you’re looking for the best hookah to smoke in Miami? Discover all the secrets of Miami nightlife and choose the must-see places for you! Oh, by the way – don’t forget to leave a comment about what you’ve chosen!

What to do in Miami

What to do in Miami

You’ll never stand by a question of what to do in Miami with our guides of TOP-places to visit and TOP-lists what to do. Check out outdoor activities and choose the best fit for your couple or family. Water sports, kids events, beach amusements, shopping malls, concerts, and tons of hobby opportunities are available at any time.

Miami Hotels

Miami hotels provide a wide range of services for guests with a variety of needs.


Miami Restaurants

Miami Restaurants

There are hundreds of restaurant options in Miami. But which one is right for you? Personalized function rooms, quiet or lively atmosphere, food, quality of service? MokaiMiami has the answers to each of these questions.

Miami Bars

Miami Bars

Every neighborhood in Miami has bars and lounges that stand out on their own. You won’t have to struggle very hard to find a nice place for happy hour or a late-night cocktail. Find out more in our Miami bars guide.

Miami beaches

Find the best Miami beach in 1 click! TOP-10 Miami beaches in our rating will save your time on searching.

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What about trying something interesting and unexpected? Unpredictable adventures always impress and can be remembered forever! Look through a random route in Miami and try it out!